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Auto Repair Invoice Template in PDF Format Auto Repair Invoice Template was initially released on http://www.InvoicingTemplates.com on Wednesday, January 01, 2014, and is categorized as Service. As
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Hey everyone and welcome to mock totes plus today I'll be showing you how to create an awesome looking invoice in numbers so let's get started open numbers and then select file and new numbers comes with a variety of templates we can select either a blank template templates related to personal finance business or education hovering the mouse over the template displays a preview the template we're going to customize today is the built-in invoice template this will preload all the information that we require, but we're going to tweak it and make it more suitable to our needs as you can see the template loads a lot of information that we'd need in an invoice before we continue it's a good idea to enable the print view this way we know if anything overlaps on the pages select in view show print view, and we'll be given a page outline, so we know exactly how they look when they're printed let's take a quick look at the invoice we can see some contact information that we can add to the top including invoice number and project description below this we can add lines of information regarding any work or services provided we have several columns for description quantity unit price and cost numbers even adds a tax option at the bottom and will automatically calculate a total amount of tax, so I can customize the layout further I'm just going to remove the text box from the bottom I select this and simply click delete to idea of how it currently looks if we were to print the symbols I'm going to use the Print Preview option you can do this by selecting file print it's a good idea to regularly do this whilst you're creating a new template or invoice that way you know exactly how it looks if it were to be printed now I'm going to move the description table further down the page as you move it around you will notice the row alignment goods that appear these are highlighted in blue and will allow you to keep the table centered or aligned left or right next I'm going to move via the table further down the page this will give me room to add some of our company information I'm going to delete the invoice header as it's simply a text box, and we're going to replace this with something more dynamic we'll be using the numbers' inspector quite a lot in this tutorial, so I'd recommend resizing the window and having it displayed at all times we'll add our company information so click on text box and a text box will appear within your document enter some information you can keep the text box aligned using the alignment grid that appears I've just resized the text box as I'm going to be adding some further information as you can see I'm adding a full address information to the text box this is our company information and will be displayed on every invoice we can customize the font using the toolbar, or we can use the font menu and having it displayed at all times select format fonts show fonts with the font palette shown I'm going to adjust the text size and to make our...
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